The popularity of video is on the rise with social media users, which means video marketing is the next big trend among businesses. However, using video to market your products requires more than simply filming an advertisement. It involves understanding how to appeal to online users with captivating videos.

Video is a One-Trick Pony

An ongoing campaign may be more beneficial than shooting one video that will get overplayed all too quickly. Consider doing a series that teaches consumers about how your product helps the environment, or show little known uses for those products. A series of videos that offers something entertaining or educational will appeal to consumers more than a hard sell. If you run out of ideas for your video series, ask your followers what they would like to see. Reading their comments can help you come up with innovative ideas for using video to boost your brand image.

Your Video Can Say Whatever You Want

Marketing research has shown that video advertisements aren’t doing well, contributing to the idea that consumers are tired of the hard sell. Businesses that try to hit consumers with a blatant ad are finding that the ROI just isn’t meeting their expectations. On the other hand, if you can offer something of value, whether it’s entertaining, informative, or both, your video will appeal to far more users. They will look to see who created the video, and that will be enough to drive them to your social media page or website.

Creating Your Own Video Studio is Expensive

The technology used to make a basic video isn’t as costly as you might think. In fact, your most significant cost will probably be that of a $200 microphone. You should also expect to spend around $100 for a webcam and $100 worth of LED lighting. This is enough to shoot simple videos. Consumers love transparency, so don’t worry if your videos look a little too basic. That may work for you as long as the messages you convey in your videos are honest and engaging.

It’s a mistake to think about online video marketing as anything similar to television commercials. While they both make use of video, they’re two different sides of the same coin. Using online video is about connecting with consumers and building a positive brand image.