Email marketing has evolved a lot since its inception. During its early days, it was quite common to get a high open rate. There was no such thing as Can-SPAM, so you could send an unlimited amount of emails every day, knowing that they were going to be opened. Email was new and exciting, so everything that landed in an inbox had a high chance of being opened.

Today, the opposite can be said. The Can-SPAM act is a necessary protection, but along with the passing of that law came an evolution of people’s thoughts about email marketing. Today, high open rates are guaranteed only by those who are creative.


Interactivity is a must for email marketing. This is simply a word that means you have to get people to interact with your email. It can be something as simple as clicking a link or attaching a gif, or something as complicated as adding a calculator to help them save money. In all of these cases, the reader has to engage with the email.


Gamification and interactivity go hand in hand. Gamification is when you introduce the element of gaming to an industry where gaming isn’t normal. This is done by using quizzes, puzzles or even board games. It can be something as simple as a page on your website that allows people to mix and match some elements to make new ones, or something sophisticated like a maze or a match-3 game.

Gamification helps your brand stand out from your competition. If it’s properly implemented, you’ll find yourself with not only a higher open rate, but more loyal customers.

Loyalty Programs

Loyal customers deserve to be rewarded. Loyalty programs help you retain customers and encourage spending.

You may think of loyalty programs as something that is only successful in grocery stores or fast food chains, but they can expand far beyond that reach. A loyalty program doesn’t even have to come with a card. It can be as easy as giving a recurring customer a discount on your services.

If you’re having trouble with your email open rate, try one of these three email marketing trends. It can do positive things for your business – and your bottom line.