Successful marketing is crucial to the success of any business or organization. This is especially true of charitable agencies or not-for-profit groups. Such entities might experience growth in customers or contributions by employing the following tips:

Use Social Media

The use of social media outlets can be vital to the success of a non-profit organization for several reasons. Such outlets have the potential to reach thousands of prospective donors. Furthermore, social media accounts are typically simple to set up and are far less expensive than other means of advertising. Organizations with active social media accounts can upload promotions, photos, and copy for little or, in some cases, no money. 

Employ Specific Strategies

Successful non-profit marketing campaigns are often born out of specific strategies. Many non-profit agencies formulate campaigns that identify and target specific individuals and age groups. 

Utilize Traditional Media Outlets

Traditional media outlets such as the radio, television, and newspapers could prove beneficial to helping charitable organizations market themselves. Arguably, the most significant positive lies in the ability for an agency to spread their message and mission statement to a large audience of listeners or viewers. 

Moreover, in many instances, traditional media outlets and non-profits could share a give-and-take relationship. Radio stations, television, and newspapers can use these entities as feature stories designed to stimulate community interest while the organization in question receives a free marketing avenue and an opportunity to promote important events. 

Combine Marketing With Fundraising Efforts

Fundraising is often the lifeblood for non-profit organizations. However, such agencies might find success by combining fundraising and marketing efforts. Donor appeal campaigns are a perfect time to promote the agency in question. Marketing materials can include the organization’s mission statement, documentation that highlights the beneficial programs and services provided, and profiles of the people the entity helps. Such information might pique interest and significantly improve a fundraising effort. 

Create A Strong Web Presence

A thorough and functioning website is the most direct means of continual communication with prospective donors and interested parties. Effective web pages contain pertinent information about the organization (mission statement, purpose, activities, community events), is easy to navigate through and is accessible on all devices (especially mobile phones and tablets).