In the ever-growing technology era, it is all too common to utilize social media for marketing. What if the ability for us to access social media is drastically limited? At the end of the day, we do not own the content that is put on social media, and we definitely do not own access to the databases. Therefore, while it is beneficial to know how to utilize social media for marketing, it is equally important (if not more) to know how to effectively market without social media.


Connecting with new people on LinkedIn is one thing, but try networking in person. Attend a conference or event with similar businesses and like-minded individuals. This will not only allow you to meet new people, but it will allow the opportunity to possibly collaborate in the future.

Create incentivizing programs

Offering incentives to existing customers is a great marketing tool. You can start by instilling a refer-a-friend discount, or go to the next level and incorporate some of these ideas to really make it special:

  1. Have a business anniversary party and allow clients to bring friends. Serve food, drinks, and maybe provide some samples of your products.
  2. Create a VIP experience to award the customer/client that provides the most word-of-mouth business each month.
  3. Set a day where you have an “Open Day” where customers/clients bring along friends that are interested in your products and allow them to sample products or participate in free sessions.

Additionally, you can implement a loyalty or rewards program to offer returning customers and clients something special and encourage them to keep coming back (and encourage their friends and family to come too!).

Hand out freebies

Give out some small items, such as stickers, pens, koozies, and more, to current customers and prospective ones. The more creative and innovative you can be, the better. Not only will this make your brand stand out from the others, it will create an impact on your clients and customers.

Utilize Business Cards

A business card is a product that will be used and referred to, regardless of social media. Utilize them and hand them out to everyone you meet – you never know when they may need your product or services. You can step it up a notch and revamp your existing business card to really make it stand out.