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Henry Vinson has over twenty years of experience launching, branding, and driving revenue in small business operations.  A particular area of expertise for Henry has been performance-based marketing.  He has created and managed programs on a risk-and gain-sharing model.  As an experienced Integrated Marketing Communications Consultant, he has provided strategies to generate positive publicity and media relations services.  He is experienced in media relations training, publicity and promotion, and cause-related marketing, and public relations.  Moreover, Henry Vinson has experience in media analysis, content development, case studies, background and press releases, trade show planning and management.

As an experienced Integrated Marketing Communications Consultant, with nearly two decades of experience, Henry Vinson has provided companies with strategies to generate positive publicity and media relations services. Throughout the years, Henry has developed and executed marketing programs that help promote and create brand awareness.

Over the course of his career, Vinson has developed an unparalleled level of skills and understanding of product markets. Furthermore, Henry has a deep comprehension of today’s technology, buyer attitudes and behavior, in addition to anticipated moves by competitors. As a consultant, Henry assures the brand is seen as indivisible from the vision, capabilities, personality and culture of the corporation. Henry has aided businesses with creating a logo and corporate identity, tagline, style and core message to attract the wanted attention to the brand. He is experienced in all modes of advertising, direct marketing and online communications including social media.

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Henry Vinson helps his clients produce materials to communicate with a market about a product, organization or idea. A specialist in public relations, advertising, branding, direct marketing, marketing, promotions, sales, and online marketing industries, Henry’s portfolio of experience is truly remarkable. Henry offers clients a multitude of strategies to integrate various marketing procedures and establish best processes. Additionally, Vinson assesses management processes, implementing various internal and external programs where necessary. Vinson designs promotional materials and coordinates to appropriate news releases. Henry successfully prepares customer presentations, in addition to implementing various communication events.

Henry Vinson is a member of American Communications Association and the American Marketing Association.

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