Evergreen content has also been a priority among content marketers. It becomes easier to upgrade and automate a web site when you can generate traffic consistently. But, how can you find evergreen content to improve predictability?

Many successful marketers follow a step-by-step method to attract visitors to their pages; we will go through the exact process to get the same results.

How To Do Content Research?

Market research has become the most significant factor when choosing products and niches, including content creation.

  • Looking At The Competitor Website: If the leaders of your niche already follow the Evergreen strategy, you can model their website to put yours at the same level. Once you share their same advantages, you can outwork by improving the content quality and novelty.

    There is multiple software you can use to track the visitor’s data on another website. These tools help to have a more specific idea about the content you should be creating.

  • Google Trends: A trend software can differentiate evergreen content from occasional interests. You can validate your idea in the Interests Over Time section. A good condition to identify evergreen content is by looking for search volume consistency in a period of five years.

    Also, consider terms with increasing popularity in your research. Every few months, new evergreen topics may appear, which may be quite positive if you include them before competitors do. Even though it is not recommended trying keywords with no previous history, you can experiment with it. As a strategy, do it after including so much content that you are running out of ideas.

  • Broad sectors: Luckily, there are three areas that have always been relevant, which are making money, love relationships, and healthcare. When your content relates to any of these topics, you could expect to generate traffic consistently.

    There may be more niches known to be exclusively evergreen. The difference with the previous three is that you can adapt them to any other field. You can adapt your content from the perspective of these three topics, creating evergreen content. That will keep the attention of the visitor, justifying the importance of your page.