With technology rapidly advancing, it’s changing the way consumers react to marketing around them. Video marketing was a big trend recently, with 72% of consumers preferring video to learn more about a product or service. Brand recognition was another recent trend in marketing with more and more companies incorporating geometric shapes into their logo or design. Here are the top marketing trends projected for 2020:

  1. Design Trends

Three-dimensional and typography will continue to be on the rise. An example of using 3D designs include paper effect illustrations that draw the eye to a particular call to action. Gradients and enhanced color techniques will be used more in 2020 to make a logo look younger and modern.

  1. Social Media Marketing Trends

With social media constantly changing, there are several ideas and trends to look out for in the near future. Social listening/monitoring, which is the act of scanning social media platforms to find mentions or keywords of a particular brand, is expected to grow even more by 2020.

Influencers have been huge in the marketing world of social media. Although recently, the prices for their service has increased, micro-influencers are the new alternative to reach a genuinely interested niche who are very engaged and already have built an established relationship with the micro-influencer. These influencers are also much more inexpensive, so the marketing potential here is quite high.

  1. Content Trends

Augmented reality was big a few years back, but hasn’t reached its highest potential yet. You can expect to see more and more brands leveraging this new medium as technology continues to advance.

Live video is another marketing trend that’s on the rise. Expect to see more brands jumping on board with live streams and using their live platform as a means of communication in high demand areas and search results online.

  1. SEO Trends

In 2019, search engine optimization made up nearly 40% of voice search results, and that figure is only expected to grow. Video optimization is another area of marketing that hasn’t quite hit the surface yet. By 2020, you can expect to see 75% of video marketing becoming a colossal magnet for internet traffic. This will also allow companies to stay ahead of its competition.