Email is one of the most effective forms of marketing available today. Email marketing campaigns are an easy and inexpensive way to reach customers and build relationships, ultimately bringing in more revenue for your company.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the usage of email to reach clients. Normally a company has list of client names and email addresses and uses email newsletters to reach out to them with information about products, sales, and more. Email marketing allows companies to create a campaign that builds relationships and keeps customers informed.

Why Use Email Marketing?

There are many advantages to using email marketing! These include the ability to reach a large audience, personalize campaigns, an inexpensive price, and being easy to use.

Email marketing campaigns are one of the best ways to reach customers on the internet. 94% of internet users use email. Only 64% use social media. 75% of adults online say that email marketing is the method of online marketing they prefer. Customers “opt-in” to email marketing, or willingly choose to receive emails. Customers are also more likely to see emails more than other types of marketing campaigns. Emails are delivered directly to the customer, and don’t go away until a customer notices it, either by reading the email or deleting it.

Email marketing campaigns are also easy to personalize. These campaigns make it easy to target a specific demographic, or to develop a relationship with a customer by using data about them to offer specific information or discounts. For example, a client could be offered a coupon as a gift to celebrate their birthday.

Email is an inexpensive way to market your business! These marketing campaigns are also easy to build and monitor. There are many statistics to analyze your campaign such as open rates, bounce rates, and click-through rates.

How Do I Use Email Marketing?

Start by compiling a list of customers, email addresses, and their information. Don’t be tricked into buying a list of email addresses. Your target audience should be those who are already interested in your product, not strangers who will be turned off by a series of emails that they never signed up for.

Once you have your list established and construct your campaign, use your emails to build a relationship with your clients. Don’t just advertise sales- share information about your company, or industry tips and insights. Remember to always follow the requirements laid out by the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. These include providing a method of unsubscribing, listing your name and address at the end of every email, and providing a non-deceptive subject line.

Meet the expectations of your clients by sticking to an email newsletter schedule. Send the newsletter out on the same day (or days) each month or week. This way customers know exactly what to expect.

An email marketing campaign would be extremely beneficial for your business. These campaigns help you cultivate a relationship with your targeted audience, and are quick and easy to construct.