Podcasts have swept the planet as one of the best and most entertaining ways to disseminate content. Podcasts range in content from fictional audio dramas to interview-style talk shows to audio-documentaries — for every listener, there is a podcast to fulfill their needs. Businesses have begun to harness the podcasting medium to discuss industry updates and changes, up-and-comers in the field, best practices, and secrets to success. B2B companies stand to learn a lot from professional podcasters who sit down with thought leaders and accomplished entrepreneurs to explore new sales tactics, innovative tracking systems, and alternative management styles. Here are a few for you to explore as you work to refresh your outlook.


The GaryVee Audio Experience | Gary Vaynerchuk is the serial entrepreneur to listen to. Having made appearances as a New York Times best selling author and a 40 under 40 feature, Gary has lots of insight into the world of investing, startups, writing, management, and leadership. On his podcast, Gary answers some fan questions and analyzes keynote addresses, other podcasters, and more to give his listeners a wholistic and broad view of the world of marketing and the whole B2B industry.


Stack & Flow |  More and more aspects of the the sales and marketing worlds are becoming automated, controlled by computer programs or AI rather than a real live person. In this podcast, hosts explore all the new developments in automated services and how each new item will influence the way we work. The podcast consists of interviews with leaders and entrepreneurs who have contributed to the field and is hosted by two thought leaders with a long and exciting tenure in B2B.


Building a Story Brand | Social media is loud, as everyone on there is shouting to have their voices and messages heard. Cutting through all the noise and making sure your message and story stand out, listen to this podcast for tips and tricks. From social media trends and strategies to linguistic and narrative tips, host Donald Miller interviews other leaders in branding and marketing about the best and clearest ways to construct and communicate a beginning, middle, and end to your company’s narrative. From using multimedia to choosing words carefully, Miller enthralls audiences with good and applicable advice.


Perpetual Traffic | If you have a need for leads, Perpetual Traffic is the podcast for you. Integral to a sustainable business model is the need to have new customers always coming in to replace ones whose contracts have expired. On this podcast, the hosts run through a number of innovative strategies for developing leads, including social media advertising best practices and ROI for videos. Tune in every Tuesday for a new episode and brand new tactics!