Marketing automation is just what the name suggests. It involves using software that automatically performs marketing tasks that must be completed on a regular schedule. This frees up human marketing professionals to perform more customized tasks. While this type of software can increase marketing efficiency, it’s essential to separate the expectation from reality.

The Expectation of Marketing Automation

Amazon provides the ideal in terms of what marketing automation software is expected to provide. It should customize content for each consumer, driving that consumer to the business website. From there, that same software should entice the consumer to buy from the business, while personalizing the transaction to create a positive buying experience. When the software works this well, it pays for itself many times over.

The problem comes in when people expect more out of the software than it was ever intended to provide. In fact, businesses that use marketing automation in conjunction with other digital marketing tools will see the most significant benefit. In terms of a marketing funnel, automation software might be the middle of the funnel, while the entrance to the funnel involves generating new leads.

The Reality of Marketing Automation

It is essential to understand that marketing automation is just one part of a more extensive process. Once you accept that fact, you’ll be better able to appreciate the advantages that these applications do provide. In essence, marketing automation is merely a tool to help simplify the tasks that you already perform. Sending out emails to subscribers, making social media posts, and publishing blog posts can all be automated, allowing you to schedule these actions to attract optimal interaction.

Instead of buying email lists and using the software for spamming those email accounts, you’ll get more out of the software by generating your own leads. By attracting leads through quality posts and authentic marketing practices, you’ll see the best responses from the automated actions provided by the software.

Once you understand the limits and capabilities of marketing automation, you’ll be better prepared to make use of this innovation. As tech advances continue to improve upon marketing automation software, these applications will become even more useful. Combining automation software with the skills of human marketing professionals will help you maximize your marketing ROI and ensure your business continues to thrive in a competitive market.