Just because you have already cracked the field of consulting, does not mean you can relax and cruise for the rest of your career. Consultants must be continually furthering their education and crafting their trade in an effort to stay on top of the latest trends and applications and to keep ahead of the competition. These four books will ensure that you continue to hone your trade and maximize your abilities in this cutthroat industry:

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Who better to learn from than the most respected firm on earth? Written by former McKinsey colleague Ethan M. Rasiel, this comprehensive book provides a myriad of practical tips and real-life case examples all designed to give readers some of the best tips in the business. Because of the general overview of the industry provided, this guide is an ideal book for beginners wanting to learn how to make it in the field.



Focusing on one of the most important aspects of any client relationship, this book hones in on the trust that must be developed and nurtured in this business. Bestselling author David Maister uses past case studies to illustrate how to deal with any tricky situation with poise and intelligence, retaining the all-important trust throughout any obstacle.

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If you are looking for the most comprehensive guide to brush up on your case study skills, look no further than this book written by Marc P. Cosentino. This how-to manual focuses on how to shine in any case interview by detailing key challenges and how to analyze and provide input on any situation. Because of the depth of practical applications provided in this guide, the book is recommended for both novice and expert consultants.

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Consulting expert Barbara Minto details one of the most popular techniques for communications in consulting in this widely-read book. Minto provides solid reasoning why consultants should structure their communication to clients with the recommendation first and then delve deeper into the reasoning behind each recommendation. By organizing the key points and providing abundant reasonings behind each recommendation, the consultant will be more successful in their persuasion which will lead to greater success in the client relationship.