Consulting can be a rewarding, yet challenging career. Grasping an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a marketing consultant will help you determine if it is the right choice for you.

What is a Marketing Consultant?

First and foremost, a marketing consultant is an individual that works with a company to develop and execute marketing strategies. The marketing strategy focuses on the core of a business, specifically on the products and services that are offered. A marketing consultant will help businesses develop a detailed marketing plan, decide on a marketing message, and then determine the appropriate mix of marketing tools to spread the word. The marketing consultant will then follow through with the plan, all the while taking strides to execute and implement the determined marketing strategy. During this process, the marketing consultant will make adjustments as needed to ensure that the company is achieving the best marketing results possible.

What Skills Are Required?

Marketing consultants must have an awareness of consumer behavior and the marketing process. This includes being able to identify a company’s target market and effectively positioning their product or service in such a way that it will generate interest from consumers and ultimately, encourage them to buy. They also need to be able to think both creatively and analytically. Being able to be creative in strategy development is vital, but also gaining results from the development will make a great marketing consultant.

Marketing consultants will often specialize in one particular area. These include online marketing, social media marketing, copywriting, direct response marketing, and nonprofit marketing. More often than not, marketing consultants will utilize a combination of marketing, communication, business, and psychology skills to execute their duties. In addition to an education in marketing or experience in marketing, consultants tend to be well-versed in all things related to social media marketing and its respective platforms, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, reputation management, image and brand awareness, and consumer behavior.

A marketing consultant has a rewarding and flexible career. A marketing consultant can work independently, or conversely, with a contractor or in a marketing firm. Many marketing consultants are entrepreneurs and started their own business. If you are seeking a career path in which you can help others achieve success, consulting may be the career for you.